Sa mga epitome ng siopao kagaya ni Carson.

Alam kong asadong-asado ka na to the point na parang hinihintay mong matapos ang pelikula and yet you are expecting the same sentiments with Dio kaso he felt sorry up to the last scene of the movie.

Wala man lang exchanging of feelings kuno kung meron man kaso wasak pa rin. Literal lang talaga.


From the very start, pero umaasa ka pa rin na sa dulo nito you share nga your same emotion.

Umaasang still buffering pa rin after mong magconfess ng seven years of your hidden feelings kaso dehins talaga.

From the very start I am expecting na same lang ang magiging treatment ng film na kesyo cliché na madalas nating napanonood sa Philippine cinema.

Musical scoring is truly captivated my attention na subaybayan ‘yong film content and lalong musical scoring din played an important part particularly in the scene confessing Carson to Dio her seven years of hidden feelings expecting they shared same interest. Siguro nga you need time and right timing na by which ganon nga ang ginawa ni Carson, kaso it took seven years to make it happen kaso wala lang talaga. I don’t know kasi siguro si Dio and Carson is on their final stretch in their lives in short parting ways na kaniya-kaniya na ba. Si Dio will took law while Carson will definitely work na after 3 years of delayed.

Such a great film! Kahit may revision na ng “Patience is a virtue” na “Patience is a talent” wala pa rin. WASAK!

This film is not a cliché mainstream nor indie film na napapanood natin for commercial porpuses lang. Na kahit masakit you delivered it wholeheartedly in a smooth sail melodic/poignant and at the same time in a light comedic value.

Actually it was my second time I encountered with the same ending. Poignant at the same time maraming questions in to your head na parang you feel with them.


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